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The Agency

Baseball is changing at great speed and the competition for a place in the roster is getting stronger.

Having good numbers nowadays isn’t enough. There are other factors that have a great impact on a player’s value. Baseball doesn’t play on the field only; you have to take care of all aspects of the field around you.

Efficient and productive marketing strategies can help you getting to the next level when it comes to the perception of value that teams have of you as a player. Get involved with your home city and your fans, and you would be differentiated from the rest. We speak baseball and marketing, lethal combination to obtain the desired success and achieve our goals.

Most of the Baseball Agencies in the market handle marketing through a third party or different department within the same Agency. We truly believe that marketing and baseball need to be taken care of from the same core, not independent but united.

Baseball and Marketing: our language!

Our Founder

Lino Alvarez Sanoja has a strong marketing background. He graduated from the University of Seville, Spain, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. He also got his MBA specializing in finance at IEB, Madrid, Spain.

We mean it when we offer you expert guidance every step of the way, especially off the field where the vast majority of players are not achieving their maximum potential. 

We also have the required experience to guide your career on the field, with the best negotiation skills and management.

Your success and well-being are our priorities. We want to take care of you and your family. The productive life cycle of a baseball player is very short, so we have to get you ready for your bright future, not only as an active player but for your retirement. 

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